Utilizing a Women Only Self Defense Training System to prepare you for the unexpected, Coach Morley trains clients in the same martial arts styles used by the U.S Military, Japanese Police and Brazilian Police but geared towards sexual assault scenarios someone may encounter. The application of his system guides you through methods of escaping holds, hair grabs, headlocks, bear hugs, and a vast range of submissions while standing and on the ground and beyond.

Scenario Based Training  

Everyone has watched the movies where a woman walking through a dark park trying to get home from work or school when suddenly; a creepy looking guy comes out of nowhere and grabs them! The victim in the movies 90% of the time kicks them in the groin or eye gouges the attacker. While the attacker is on the ground crying, the victim makes her perfect escape. The problem with that is, it only happens like that in the movies. Here is how it would really happen: When the victim goes to kick or punch the attacker, he grabs them, or blocks it taking them to the ground by a hold or punches.

People have a false believe that self-defense is to punch or kick the attacker. But what self-defense really means is, doing everything that you possibly can to NOT be in a fight. Self-Defense is about using your skilled mind and proper techniques not kicks and fists.

Use Your Skilled Mind

When you are thinking about self defense training you need to understand that it is not just a bunch of techniques, but a state of mind, and understanding, and trust that you are worth defending. If you are ever sexually assaulted, please know that you it was never your fault. Inside of all of us we have the strength and will to beat a sexual predator. With Morleycoaching Women Self Defense Program, we teach you how to get it out of you. Starting with awareness this will be one of the most important parts of your training because many things can be avoided if we know what to look for. Although we teach you awareness and make it part of your training, attackers can still sometimes get through to you without you noticing. You should and will be able to defend yourself no matter what you physical conditioning or age is, as Morleycoaching will give you as much training to make you safer.

Trusting your instincts and using a little common sense can go along way. For example, say you have to exercise early in the morning while it is still dark. Bring a long smooth stick that you can use as part of your workout and just by caring something like that; it will make an attacker think twice. Also, for common sense, if you are walking in a dark parking garage, make sure that your hair is tied up in a bun and that you have your phone in your hand but don’t be on it while heading to the car. This will let the attacker know that its harder to grab your hair and that you are not paying attention to your surroundings by being on a call or texting. Rather the phone is ready to call 911 or be used as a weapon.

Mechanism of Our Program

While conversations with law enforcement officials, through the study of survivor, and sexual assailants interviews (source http://www.ripleycounty.com/sheriff/rape.htm), we’ve learned that nearly all sexual assault predators follow a similar plan.

Stage 1: They Select the Person
Sexual assaults rely greatly on the element of surprise. They need to be sneaky as they approach their target. They look for women on their cell phone, searching through their bags or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily subdued. Attackers l look for women who's clothing are easy to remove rapidly with some even carrying scissors around specifically to cut clothing. Stage 1 ends when the sexual predator has selected a target.

Stage 2: Gain Control of the Person
As the sexual predator progresses through your initial defenses, they will seek to restrain you. Stage 2 begins with the first contact. This initial contact can come in a form of pervasive or abusive language to physical attack. Stage 2 will end at the time the attacker gains entire control and takes the target to the ground where the assault continues.

Stage 3: Exhaust the Person
Stage 3 begins once the attacker feels they have restrained you. This may come in a form of psychological or physically striking you or holding you to the ground. In Stage 3, the predator expects you to panic and fight wildly to escape. These actions can be very tiring and pushes the attacker to control you as soon as possible. As you get tired, the predator knows that he will have a better chance to carry out a sexual assault. Stage 3 comes to an end once the attacker things that you have giving up physically or mentally.

Stage 4: Committing Sexual Assault
Stage 4 initiates when the attacker tries to rape the victim and ends with the achievement of the sexual assault. In the ending phase, the attacker is aiming to have the targeted person tired, mentally discouraged and with fear of fighting back at all.


For you to survive at any point in time, it is crucial that you learn and master each stage of an attack with the correct techniques from awareness to your mindset. With Morlerycoachings Women Self Defense Training we will guide you through scenarios and core techniques to emulate a real attack. The application of his system guides you through methods of escaping holds, hair grabs, headlocks, bear hugs, and a vast range of submissions while standing and on the ground. To make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn this life saving training we are offering an incredibly low payment of $19.97!

We would like to make sure that the Morleycoaching Women Self Defense Training Program is the right fit for you, so we would like for you to take this amazing opportunity and try out our program for only $19.97! To get started click on the Button below now! This is s perfect opportunity to train at the comfort of your home with your friends or family.

Women Only Self Defense Training

What Others Are Saying About Our Program

 If you are looking for a great place to improve self defense, Coach Lucas is so supportive and instills that supportive attitude in every member.  
Krystle M.

Legit, love training with Morley Coaching Women Self Defense program. He's all about teaching you the fundamentals and this really makes a difference when you're building up your technique and skills. I've learned so much in the few months I've been here and I'm excited to surround myself with the positive energy that this group provides. It's all about surrounding yourself with positive people to help you achieve your goals and coach is all about that! 
Tala I. 

I would highly recommend Morley Coaching to anyone interested in learning self-defense. I have been training since January and have absolutely loved every second of it. Coach Lucas is an outstanding coach! He is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and extremely patient. The moves/techniques are broken down and explained which has helped me better understand the movement I'm performing and its importance.   
Kelli B.

Women Only Self Defense Training

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