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Dear Friend,

Are you working long hours at home or for someone else with too much growth in the middle and rear-end? Unfortunately, it does not take long for your body to start adding inches all-around when you work at a desk for 8-12 hours every day.

You may be on the leading edge of office work environments, but no matter how many times you scoot around the floor on your ergonomic chair, you will never be able to burn off enough calories to counter those trips to the fridge…EVER!

And how is that wearable fitness tracker going for you? You know, the one your spouse gave you for Christmas. Have you accumulated 20,000 steps yet? I know, there is still time left in this year.

Hey, I've known many and trained many in that same
fat-building scenario. Does this sound familiar?

  • The $600 suit you used to your family members wedding three years ago is now two sizes too small...
  • Last year you did great by dropping a few pounds, but they came back as soon as you started crushing again.
  • Is it too much to ask to be able to eat and still keep the weight off?
  • You could what most do for a while and join a gym, but feel that you'll just stop going because you have no proven program and hate working out in front of other people.
  • You start fitness programs, but end up quitting because you get bored doing the same routines over and over. Plus, you really didn't feel any improvement.
  • You suffer from a chronic, nagging pain in your shoulder.
  • The chiropractor warns you about back problems aggravated by long hours in front of a computer because of you sit with a horrible posture.a

While some are commuting and spending half their day in an office, or you are busy at home working. You are highly productive and your bottom-line reflects your tenacity. Sadly, the changes in your physical appearance aren't so impressive. If you keep growing at this rate, you'll quickly need a new BIG MAN or QUEEN SIZE ergonomic chair to support your massive-rumpus.

Shouldn't our health come first? Without health, you can't go to work or run your business!

There is a solution.

  • It does not require a pill.
  • You will not need to see a doctor to use a sucking vacuum device.
  • It's a method used by high performers in athletics and business.

The solution: Bodyweight Fitness Exercises

That's right! You already have the ability to change, but you are the one that keeps building up huge roadblocks in front of you to change.

If you give me just a few more seconds, I can break it down to you how you can take a few minutes out of your busy day and make drastic changes in your body. Okay? Let's read on.
In as little as 20 minutes a day, you will begin to reverse the trend, shrink your waistline, drop inches off your body, arms and thighs, feel more energized, improve cardiovascular, physical endurance and even sharpen your mind. Now the secret...

The secret is implementing a system that replaces excuses for not exercising with short workouts offering so many variations you always look forward to the next workout session!

The system is Bodyweight Fitness. It has been used for centuries and the best part is that you can do this in the privacy of your home, office, park, the name it. All you need is a few minutes to crank up your metabolic engine and take back the power offered by a fit, stronger body.

Bodyweight exercise offers flexibility in many types of workouts.

You can create a workout to targets a specific body area or improve your overall fitness.

The success people enjoy with bodyweight workouts is a strategy that you compete with yourself. You already have all the equipment necessary to start because your body IS your equipment. Yes, you improve and look for more challenges you may add kettlebells, resistance bands, suspension gears, but you can also just add more reps and sets to your already existing routines. You do need to get up and be motivated (where most fail), you will leverage the power of personal challenges and the drive of curiosity.

Each day promises a new challenge. Challange yourself to awake looking forward to beating your last number of reps, sets or total time. In the beginning, you feel absolutely destroyed after a session, but after just a few workouts you discover your recovery time is becoming shorter and shorter. The best part...
You look forward to checking yourself out in the mirror because the changes are impressive!
Think about it....really? What is stopping you from making a commitment to achieving permanent and positive changes to your fitness?

Let me don't know where to begin? Lack of discipline and motivation?
Will you let me help you with that? That is what I am here for. I have been doing this my entire life. REALLY!
The first step to getting back into that expensive wedding suit, those college jeans or reversing the weight gain trend is to ...

Understand how and why Bodyweight Fitness exercises works and Get Started with workouts suited perfectly for people who are ready to make a change in their health and overall life, but who also have not done physical activity in years.

This 7 Weeks Bodyweight Workout Plan provides key insights into how to make bodyweight fitness a part of your life.

It is a fact that you don't want to go blindly into any new fitness program and this one here is no different. We will help you prepare yourself with knowledge because knowledge is the first stage to creating a powerful brand new you.

Topics include...

  • Why bodyweight fitness is perfect for the hard-working adult, entrepreneur or stay at home mom
  • 10 Bodyweight Exercises that are perfect for beginners
  • Power-up your workout by combining circuit training with bodyweight exercises
  • Videos to help guide you on the proper form
  • Easy to follow circuits
  • How to get started with bodyweight fitness at home office, park, beach or anywhere
  • and so much more...

You know friends, family, and collegues that are suffering from loss of muscle tone, obesity, anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and depression - the list can go on, and on. But you and others need to understand that you can reverse this and turn your lives around simply by adding a few minutes of bodyweight exercises back into your daily schedule.

Right now just picture this.... you are at your next family get-together or school reunion looking fit and trim. Friends and family wonder what secret strategy you have to be able to work those long hours from the office or home and still look like a million bucks. You've lost so much weight and trimmed down and started showing muscle definition in your abs, arms, and legs. Turn on that big smile when people ask you how you did it. Go ahead and tell them your secret. Get the power of...

What Others Are Saying.....

I have always wanted to get defined and lean through working out but I never knew where to start. That all changed once I started doing Coach Lucas Bodyweight Fitness Challenge 1 year ago. I am so happy with the resultsStephanie M

Stephanie M

I love these workouts! They are perfect for me since I do not want to look like a body builder but want to be able to get ripped up and still be agile and limber for all the sports that I do. It is well worth it to break a sweat with these workouts

Matt Sutterfiels

Growing up on the beach surfing has become a major part of my life. I schedule around the tides, plan by the forecast, and work hard to travel around the world in search for surf. It wasn’t until I met Lucas that I discovered a key factor in my surfing lifestyle; training. Becoming a member of his Bodyweight Coaching program has changed not only the physical aspects of my surfing but my outlook as well. I’ve built more stoke to fuel my on going passion for the Ocean.

Chelsea Greinstein

I am honestly in the best shape of my life! Coach Lucas took me from no abs to a 6 pack all with just bodyweight routines. I have to admit that as I progressed it got intense, but I would never have been here if it was not for his guidance and motivation.

Bodyweight training
Joey Wandzilak

Since I started training with Coach Lucas a year ago, I have experienced great improvement in strength, endurance, stability and flexibility. As a competitive Judoka and surfer I highly recommend his Bodyweight training to anyone that wants to take their physique to the next level through physical conditioning

Salomé Abeger

As someone who looked down on Bodyweight training just a year and a half ago, Lucas provided me with excellent workout programs to help me build the proper swimming muscles to compete at the highest levels. With his structured and fun workouts I have progressed immensely as a overall athlete.

Ian M

I have trained with Coach Lucas for about 2 and a half years and I can say that he has his system down. He starts everyone off slowly and then picks up the pace to a level that I never thought possible

Hannah Forrest

I’ve trained with Lucas for over three years, His workouts can be intense but they leave you feeling good. He is knowledgeable about targeting specific muscle groups and incorporating muscles you might not even know you had. I am looking forward to the next specific workouts and I’m sure his training will show in the in every aspect of all the sports I play.

Benn Francoeur

"7 Weeks Beginner Bodyweight
Fitness Program"

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