Self Defense Instructor, Mixed Martial Arts Trainer & Surf Conditioning Coach

“Morley Coaching guides clients and students through functional and personalized training methods that focus on instruction, explanation and application, to achieve the highest understanding and best performance results.

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Self Defense Instructor, Mixed Martial Arts Trainer & Surf Conditioning Coach

Lucas Morley is a Self Defense Instructor, Mixed Martial Arts Trainer & Surf Conditioning Coach. Lucas guides clients and students through functional and personalized training methods that focus on instruction, explanation and application, to achieve the highest understanding and best performance results.

Morley’s Self Defense teachings focus on both the mind and the body, to achieve a new level of physical and mental discipline that is supplemented with stronger self esteem and confidence. Lucas Mixed Martial Arts training develops precise fighting skills against other competitive fighters, while increasing physical strength, speed and agility. His Surf Conditioning helps improve balance, stamina and paddling power that results in a better body for surfing and a stronger over all physique. This training allows for maximum overall physical performance in and out of the water.

Self Defense, MMA, Surf Conditioning Seminars & Speaking: Primary Seminar and Speaking Topics

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Combat Sambo
  • Judo
  • Boxing
  • Conditioning
  • Ocean Rescue Rescues and Safety
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Self Defense

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We have Mixed Martial Arts Fighters… Brazilian Jiu Jitsu “BJJ”… Submission Grappling… Muay Thai Kickboxing … Judo… Boxing and virtually any federation, division, and style of fighting practitioners that wants to perfect their Self Protection and Fitness Level as a member here.

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While you are in a Group Private Training or Personal Private Classes I’ll introduce you to dozens of real people who also regularly train with us…

But here’s the thing: you do NOT have to compete if you want to train at Morley Coaching Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts and Sports Conditioning Gym in the Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce and Stuart FL Area.

The simple FACT is that ANYBODY can come into this private academy, be greeted with a warm smile, get treated with the utmost respect, and get the opportunity to train alongside some of the best and most professional Police, Sherriff, Military Personnel, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and others with the same goals.

There are all kinds of people who train here:

  • Some want to be able to protect their families
  • Some want to compete, some don’t …
  • Some train Self Defense, some train only mixed martial art…
  • Some want to fight in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • Some are training to earn their Street Ranks (or Black Belts in many different martial arts)…
  • And still others are there to simply get in great shape or to learn a practical method of fighting that could save their lives …

The bottom line is:

If you’re even the least bit interested in giving “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA), “Self Defense”, or Sport Conditioning Fitness a try (whether you want to compete or not) …

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  • Free Physical Assessment with a qualified instructor that cares about your personal needs!
  • Free Consultation(here we sit with you one on one and see what you want to get out of our programs, we’ll answer all of your questions, and make sure everything makes sense for you so you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision)
  • Free Ebook just for checking us out!
  • Free Training Tips through Email or Facebookso you always stay “in the moment”!

REASON #2: “Structured, Special “Beginners Only” Introductory Course!”

  • Your “Beginners” Curriculum Will Entail The Basic, Foundational Moves & Techniques You Absolutely MUST Learn To Progress To The Next Level!

You will develop fantastic movements, drills, techniques and fundamentals of grappling, striking, and takedowns in the safest, most structured environment possible (In this manner you will become as proficient as possible without the injuries)

  • You too can use Morley Coachings “Blueprint For Success & Self Defense Mastery Techniques” … WITHOUT … ever having to “get beat-up”!

Our Blueprint Will Teach You The “Best” Method To Get Really Good… Super FAST!

  • You’ll never again worry about getting “hurt” by more advanced students & big ego instructors who only want to boost their egos by beating up new clients (This is unacceptable at our academy !)

All Beginner Work In A Group Private Setting And You Can Easily Absorb and Benefit From!

  • Where other Martial Arts schools (especially BJJ/GJJ programs) will throw you into the wolfs (even on your very first day) and you might even have to “spar” against more advanced students, that will practically guarantee you get injured …. you’ll NEVER experience that at Morley Coaching Self Defense And Fitness! Instead …

We GUARANTEE that you will NOT have to worry about that kind of treatment at Morley Coaching’s Gyms!

  • Are You Out Of Shape? This WON’T be a problem because our beginner class is designed to get you into the best shape so you keep progressing through the Street Ranks and Fitness Curriculum

We basically “walk you side by side” so you can speed up your techniques and health progression. Every month you will see and feel the improvement!

Reason #3: “YOUR Safety Is Our #1 Concern!”

  • MYTH: “To learn Self Defense or MMA you have to sparr!”NOT true! Our students here our business professionals and can’t afford to go to work or home with pulled muscles and black eyes!

You will NEVER be pressured into fighting others! Of course we can get you sparring at any time. But its only if YOU want to.

  • Our program will teach you REAL fighting techniques and you will have fun without having to “fight”

Most martial arts gyms now adays only focus on competition and getting medals…but metals won’t save your life! Other martial arts gyms only focus on the “sport” aspect, and Morley Coaching focuses on what matters to keep you and your family safe.

  • What If I WANT To Fight You May Be Thinking?”… Let’s Do It!If this is something that you decide to do, then we have more private times and higher level training to get you there. This training is ALWAYS supervised and structured to help you speed up your training to reach the next level.

Reason #4: “This Organized, Structured, Curriculum Funnels You To Learn FAST!”

  • Once per week you get a curriculum on our wall — outlining what your instructors are focusing on that month — which we’ve proven GREATLY increases the “learning curve” of all our students!)

Other school instructors will just do “whatever they feel like” or they will come up with what they want to teach as soon as they arrive at the gym. Instead of following a PROVEN SYSTEM that produces champions in life, the streets and competitions (Think about a College that the instructor just comes in and thinks about what they want to teach you as they walk in the classroom. Your hard earned money goes to the toilet!)

  • Our school is all about SYSTEMs training — the same systems that create Local Champions, National Champions and International Champions, not to mention helping lots of people feel better, be healthier and accomplish things they may have thought that would not be possible on their own…

Reason #5: “Train In A Positive, Pleasant Atmosphere (No Egos Allowed or Cave Men!)”

  • Every time you come in you’ll be treated the way you want to be treated and expect to be treated, with respect and a polite attitude(you’ll never be intimidated because although we’re all fighters on the staff… we’re also professional, and down to earth!)
  • At Morley Coachings Gym You’re FAMILY! Whether you do Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Judo Wrestling, Compete or not … every one involved with our Self Defense and Conditioning Classes (YES…including parents, family, and anyone supporting your goals!) gets treated with the same, outmost respect! Most of our students think about our academy their “home away from home” because of this family attitude!


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